Talk with Phillip Blum, Vice President-Fleet Development & Strategic Projects, FedEx Corporation

FedEx operates a huge airline, including 381 mainline & 285 contract aircraft, and 18 sorting hubs globally. Phil Blum has been with FedEx since 1984, focused throughout his distinguished career on the challenges of developing the right fleet, operationally and financially, to match the company’s extraordinary growth over that period.

Phillip C. Blum, Vice President – Fleet Development & Strategic Projects, FedEx Express Corporation

As its Vice President – Fleet Development and Strategic Projects, Phil Blum is responsible for FedEx Express’s aircraft acquisitions, fleet planning, business planning and various strategic projects.  Blum’s mission is to meet the aircraft fleet requirements of FedEx’s growing global air network, and provide business planning and strategic projects leadership for FedEx Air Operations Group, the largest air cargo airline in the world.  He manages a group of about 38 employees.

Blum’s 39-year career has been focused on aviation marketing, fleet development, innovation and airline planning.  Prior to his current position, he served as VP Aircraft Acquisitions, Planning and Performance, responsible for fleet development, business planning and process analytics for FedEx’s air operations.  From 2005-10, he served as VP Aircraft Acquisitions & Supplemental Air Ops managing the company’s 290+ unit feeder aircraft network, it’s corporate aviation department and FedEx’s aircraft acquisitions. He started his career as a Senior Marketing Analyst supporting commercial aircraft sales at McDonnell Douglas Corporation in Long Beach, California.

He has a BA in Marketing Management & MBA in International Finance from the University of Southern California.


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